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Interview With Tim Constantine

Tim Constantine’s Capitol Hill Show | April 21, 2017

Interview With WDUN AM550/FM102.9

WDUN – North Georgia| February 28, 2017

Interview With KBZZ 96.1 FM /1270 AM

Panama Rewind | February 13, 2017

Interview with Host Al Korelin (Nationally Syndicated)

The Korelin Economics Report – (Radio & Podcast) | February 4, 2017

Interview on Insight with Jeff Cannon

WDLB 1450AM – Marshfield, Wisconsin | January 26, 2017

Trump’s failure to divest shows dubious commitment to our nation

The Denver Post | January 17, 2017

Even as new potential conflicts of interest continue to surface, President-elect Donald Trump remains on record saying he won’t divest from his business empire.

To date, he’s asserted that it would be hard for him to sell his businesses before he assumes the presidency because… “I have real estate.”

This is nonsense.

New Book by Arndt ’92 Explores How the American Right Created Trump

Wesleyan University | January 17, 2017

In The Right’s Road to Serfdom: The Danger of Conservatism Unbound: From Hayek to Trump (Bulkington Press, 2016), Christopher F. Arndt ‘92 argues that conservatism is not what it pretends to be and that the American Right created Donald Trump. “There’s a destructive logic that has led the so-called ‘Party of Liberty’ to nominate an authoritarian like Donald Trump as its leader,” says Arndt, a former Wall Street executive and portfolio manager, in the press materials for the book. “I wrote the book to explain how this happened—to offer a readable, yet substantive account of recent political developments and do so in the context of the principles of political freedom that are common to us all.”

News @ Wes talks with Arndt about the book, the subsequent election of Donald Trump, and the future.

Interview With WIBW 580 AM & 106.9 FM

Topeka, KS | January 10, 2017

Big Business, Small Government and Political Freedom

The Guardian Liberty Voice | January 9, 2017

“The best government is the least government.” For decades, this maxim touted as a path toward individual freedom and choice has served as a guidepost for the Right, informing policies in all areas and especially, business. By no coincidence, Big Tobacco and Big Oil are among the industries that have benefited.

Interview With Newstalk 102.3 FM KXYL

Brownwood TX | December 26, 2016

Interview With WGN Radio

Chicago, IL | December 23, 2016

Interview With WTAM 1100 AM

Cleveland OH | December 18, 2016

Hayek Shows How the Rhetoric of Freedom Fanned the Flames of Extreme Conservatism

Guardian Liberty Voice | December 9, 2016

As recently as September, Trump’s popularity on the American Right perplexed our nation and was considered “inexplicable” by bastions of conservative values. The Dallas Morning News, in refusing to offer him an endorsement, noted that “Trump is—or has been—at odds with nearly every GOP ideal this newspaper holds dear.” Even today there’s widespread confusion on both sides of the political aisle as to what the Republican Party stands for and how an authoritarian-like Trump became its leader. Moreover, the few explanations that have been offered are facile, improbable and politically convenient—e.g. “Barack Obama led to the rise of Trump.”

But there is an explanation.

Interview With Capitol Hill Show with Tim Constantine

WMEX-AM | December 8, 2016

The “Freedom Fraud” and the myth that the best government is the LEAST government.

Talk 107.3 FM | December 1, 2016

Christopher Arndt joined Talk 107.3 FM on “A.M. BATON ROUGE” to talk about his book, “The Right’s Road to Serfdom” and the idea popularized by numerous conservative politicians and commentators that “government is rarely the answer to the problem; government IS the problem”. He asserts that this narrative makes it possible to ignore, underfund or directly attack essential government actions & programs that actually PROTECT liberty.

Interview With 107.5 FM

Fort Wayne, Indiana | November 15, 2016